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Volunteer(s) are needed! We are looking for volunteers to work 1-2 hours on Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons, Sunday evenings, or Monday evenings to assist in packaging Kokua-made raw dessert treats.  Training available on Thursday evenings, Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons, Sunday evenings, or Monday evenings.

Because we are working with food, head covering (such as a hat or scarf) and gloves are required.  Gloves and apron will be supplied by Kokua.  Volunteer will mold custom treats into bite-sized balls and cubes.  Volunteer may place dessert treats into plastic containers for labeling.

Volunteers need to be member owners of the co-op first.  They would put in 3 consecutive hours each week in the respective dept. 

Here are the opportunities we have:

  • In the Landscaping dept., we have need of person(s) who could trim our trees, weed, plant, water and general cleanup duties around the parking lot and along the street side of Kahuna Lane.    Watering to be done either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Training would be on Tues. morning from 9 - noon.
  • In the Oat Cake Dept., someone who can prepare a portion of the oat cake mix each week.

The Volunteer application is here: volunteer%20app.pdf   Please bring it into the store directly or via email at: gm@kokua.coop


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