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9-23-2014 Kokua Market email newsletter

Give a pitcher of water a little boost of flavor (or a lot) with ripe fruit and fresh herbs. For a quart of water, gently crush a handful of aromatic leaves (like mint) and cube or slice about 1 cup of ripe fruit.  Let it sit in the fridge overnight, and then strain out the leaves and fruit for a lightly flavored water. Sweeten if desired.

For more flavor and fiber, make an agua fresca. Skip the overnight soak and puree the fruit and water together in a blender. You can strain out the pulp for a clear, light beverage, or leave the fruit pulp in and just give it a stir or a shake before serving. Garnish with fresh herbs if desired. You can also make an herbal infusion (soak the herbs overnight in water, or brew as a tea with hot water), and remove the leaves before blending the water and fruit together.

Some flavor combinations to try:
watermelon + Thai basil
cantaloupe + mint
cucumber + lemon + mint
lilikoi + orange + honey
pineapple + mint


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