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Call for Nominations for Board of Directors

Love Kokua Market?

Just learning about natural food cooperatives?

Or, gaining interest Kokua Market's mission? (to operate thriving grocery stores in accordance with cooperative principles and promote healthy, sustainable living in Hawai'i) 

Please consider running for the Board of Directors! Or, tell a friend who may be interested :)

To submit your nomination, please complete the following application: 

2014 BOD application

There are 3 submission methods:

1) Mail completed form to:

Nominating Committee

c/o Kokua Market

2643 S. King St.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

2) Leave with a cashier at the front of the store

3) Email to: truly.joannies@gmail.com 

If you chose to e-mail and do not have a PDF editor, you may respond in a separate word document.

Elections will be held at the Annual Owners Meeting in April.

Thank you for your interest and helping us spread the word.

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