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Idea: devise a system where we can roll out some produce onto King st or the lot in back...... attracts people to healthy food, enhances neighborhood beauty...... then roll back in at end of day...

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Now that our murals are up, are we able to proceed with this idea?

Rachael Wong said:
Neat idea about bringing the co-op out to King St. Might have to wait until our new murals go up... : )

I agree. For many years I drove on King and didn't know there was a store. If produce section is visible/accessible directly from the street, it'd be a lot more inviting. Right now, the store looks closed up and intimidating. Also back of the store can be a lot more inviting for people to sit down, perhaps even have the deli section open up to the patio area for easy take out. It has a lot of potential there.

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